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You’ve Go(a)t to Have a Good Time at Fairview

No one can deny that lockdown, while necessary, is hard. And being cooped up indoors, without wine, was trying.

(Turns out I never realised how much of my hobbies include going to wine farms and doing tastings.)

So when wine sales opened up, and Fairview announced they they were open for sales, we decided to take a drive up to the Paarl Wine Route and stock up on some essentials.

Although they were open, it was with limited trading. The Tasting Room was open, but for wine sales only, and the Goatshed was not open for takeaway food when we arrived, but the Deli was.

Fairview Deli, located in the Tasting Room, is filled with gorgeous fresh produce and products, from artisanal breads to free-range eggs. And of course, the main attraction: the cheese. Fairview have a range of over 50 cow’s milk and goat’s milk cheeses, including white mould, blue mould, feta and cream cheese styles available.

After (safely and at a distance) perusing the many mouth-watering items on display (slightly difficult with a mask on), we moved on over to The Tasting Room to purchase our wines.

The two wines I added that I had never tried before was: The Goatfather (R80.00), a ‘blend of Don Goatti’s personal selection comprises of Sangiovese, Tannat, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, culminating in a medium-bodied wine with an unmistakable Mediterranean flair.’ The other was the Charles Back Fairview Brut (R180.00), which consists of Viognier and Grenache blanc for the base wine resulting in a crisp, fresh wine with lower residual sugar.

Wandering beyond the Tasting Room, there is also an art gallery on display, which, pre- or post- COVD-19, you would be able to admire with a glass of wine in your hand.

But there’s no way we can leave without mentioning Fairview’s iconic mascot: the goat.

We got to say hi to these four-legged friends, and watched as they crossed the bridge over to the Goat Tower. The story behind the tower is that in the early 80s, Charles set off on a trip to Portugal. Upon one of his producer visits, he spotted the original tower and was completely inspired – a few months later, the now iconic Goat Tower was built.

Goats greeted, wines in hand, we left. A great way to get out and get the necessary.

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