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One of my favourite things to listen to in the car, or even on my morning walk, is podcasts. I love the excitement of finding a new podcast and instantly falling in love with it, wanting to binge the entire thing but not being able to. To finding a host that you want to be best friends with in real life, just through their voice.

Which is why I was so, so excited when Caryn Welby-Solomon announced that she was (finally!) starting her new podcast, Crushing On.

Caryn is a freelance entertainment and lifestyle journalist, and has written for Cosmopolitan SA and Channel24. A huge fangirl, Caryn also runs Popcorn & Sugar, an entertainment review and criticism site that aims to promote the voice of women of colour in the lane of entertainment criticism.

Caryn Welby-Solomon
The host, Caryn Welby-Solomon

A result of all that pop culture love and experience is Crushing On, a podcast where Caryn interviews different people about what they’re currently watching, in love with and crushing on in the entertainment sphere.

Naturally when Caryn, my friend and cousin (in that order) asked me to be a guest, I jumped at the opportunity. We chatted about our embarrassing early crushes, books and bad 80’s action films in the first episode.


You can listen to the full episode on Spotify, Apple Podcast or on the website: New episodes come out every Monday.

I hope you start crushing on this podcast as well, and tune in. Let me know what you think if you have heard it!

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