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5 Ways to Instagram Your Way Across Sydney

So you’ve booked a holiday to one of the most expensive cities in the world. Bold.

But congrats – here’s some tips on how to maximise your feed to make everyone back home envious of your travels.


It seems as though almost everything in this city was specifically made for Instagram. In fact, a quick Google search of “sydney instagrammable food” provides complete fodder for your feed, and will lead you to amazing places like the The Grounds of Alexandria or Social Hideout, or to specifically Instagrammable dishes like the Persian fairy floss topped brioche at The Tiny Giant in Petersham, the vegan pancakes at Speedos Cafe in Bondi, or even the special Lunar New Year dumplings at Din Tai Fung.

Even when you aren’t actively looking, it’s easy to stumble onto something, like when an ice-cream boat pulled into the beach I decided to spend my Saturday at, providing the perfect afternoon treat that also made for great photos.


Do you like speakeasies?

Great, because although the roaring ’20s are just around the corner (again), they never left Sydney. Wander down the street, staring into store fronts wondering if it really is a tailor*, or another ruse. Popular spots include Door knock, The Baxter Inn, Palmer & Co.

…actually, considering most of these bars are underground, unless you have a camera that does exceptionally well in low-light, this may not be the best for the ‘gram. You know what, forget this, let’s just move on to the next point in the list.

(*it’s a bar. It’s always a bar)


Before you even ask for advice on things to do, people will start yelling at you to do a coastal walk. And they’re right to yell, you have to do it. The most popular ones are Bondi to Coogee, and The Spit to Manly walks. Both are equally breathtaking, although The Spit to Manly is slightly more of a hike than a walk though, so be prepared for some exertion.

And although you have to go to Bondi Beach at least once (you HAVE to, I don’t make the rules) it’s crowded and full of tourists and you get over it very quickly. My favourite beaches were the slightly more hidden harbour beaches, like the ones off the Hermitage Foreshore track in Vaucluse. Not only do you get a secluded spot to yourself, but also an incomparable view of the city skyline.


The two big ones: the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge are pretty much impossible to miss, and are gorgeous from every angle. Staying on the North Shore, one of my favourite things was the walk home over the bridge, and I swear, the view never gets old.

Grab a drink at O-Bar (just one, they are pricey) and take in Sydney from while revolving. Or take a walk through the botanical gardens and peek the Opera House through the flowers. Or take a ferry and take it all in from the water – the possibilities are endless!


There are no kangaroos roaming the city (except this one time), and it’s illegal to touch koalas in NSW (amongst other states), but you can get pretty close to them at Sydney’s zoos (see my post on Wildlife Sydney here), as well as the slightly less popular, but possibly cuter (yes you, wombat) Aussie animals.

That being said, even without going to the zoo, you’re still likely to come into contact with some of the interesting animals that call the city their home. For example, when I first got to Sydney, I was in awe of the various exotic birds that I encountered, especially the cockatoos. By day two you’ll be over it. I never did get used to the giant bats though.

There are, of course, many things to Instagram in Sydney, but it would be impossible to list them all. So if you are planning a trip, check out Buzzfeed Oz, Broadsheet, or Time Out Sydney for more inspiration!

Let me know in the comments if you think I glaringly I missed any place, or suggestions for future blogs.

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