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Wild Life Sydney Zoo

Before I arrived, people kept asking me what I was looking forward to the most while in Australia.

“Koalas,” I would reply. “And shopping, I guess.”

Which is why one of the first things I did when I landed, naturally, was book a breakfast with koalas at Wild Life Sydney Zoo, situated on Darling Harbour. Unfortunately, what I didn’t count on was the cold I would pick up as soon as I landed. Nevertheless, strengthened by the thought that I would soon see the animal equivalent of myself, I got done, hopped on a train, and made my way to Wild Life Sydney.

ME: OMG I’M SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW | Kangaroo: did I leave the stove on?

The ticket says to be there by 07:15, to enter at 07:30. However, as there were more people than there should have been, our entry was delayed somewhat. Once we did enter, our zookeeper invited us to introduce ourselves and the countries we were from, and after that we were off.
The koala breakfast ticket includes a tour of the zoo before it opens, and we were invited to see the various animals living within the establishment, like: wallabies, Ringo the wombat (one of my new favourite animals), emus, snakes, lizards and toads. Sadly the Tasmanian devils were not keen on joining us, but we did get to learn a lot about these fascinating, but sadly endangered, creatures.

Before heading to the koala enclosure on the rooftop, we passed through the kangeroo enclosure, where we were allowed to feed and pet two of the more friendlier ones, having been raised in the zoo. Once their treats had been depleted, we continued onwards, past an adorable quokka (seriously – it’s even cuter in person) and on through to the koalas, where our breakfast was waiting.

Breakfast was delicious (bacon! eggs! toast! mushrooms! you get the picture, right?), and in between groups were invited to go up to the koalas for photos. Finally my turn, I entered their section and got to see these adorable creatures up close.
Fun fact: Koalas sleep for up to 22 hours a day (they’re worse than sloths, who are literally the same name as a sin) and are most active in the morning.

Luckily the latter part of the fun fact turned out to be true and the koalas were awake, munching on their breakfast of gumleaves from the comfortable perches of their branches. Sadly it’s illegal to hold or touch koalas in most states in Australia except Queensland and Western Australia but you can get as close as possible to it. I was enthralled by this cuddly-looking marsupial, much to the dismay of people who thought this would help me get over my koala fascination (“all they do is get high and sleep all day. Plus they smell”).

The koala breakfast is definitely a great experience if, like myself, you like food and animals, and the chance to see koalas actually awake. It includes a printed photo, which I collected on my way out, past the emus, and crocodile and nocturnal creatures we couldn’t see before due to time constraints. You can get tickets here. All-in-all it was a wonderful day (even though I immediately went back to bed to fight my cold).

See ya later…

I’ll also be checking out Taronga Zoo during m trip, so look out for that post!

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