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Stacking up

“We’re going on an adventure”

It was these words, uttered by Leanne, that resulted in us ending up at The Stack one Saturday,  a Brasserie and Bar. We had taken the long way round – starting off in Hout Bay and making our way through Camps Bay, stopping to marvel at the waves hurling into the shore thanks to the high speed wind, and sunset that accompanied it – and eventually ended up in Gardens for a sundowner (or two) before meeting more friends.

Though it wasn’t as light out when we arrived, being just after sunset, you could still make out the elegance of Leinster Hall, which greets you as though you’re an aristocrat making your way to the parlor in your home. The bar is quite colourful, and art adorns most of the walls, and despite the logo looking like something a primary school goer would produce, the decor generally is quite a sight to behold.

After sitting down, I asked the bartender what he recommended, and he eagerly told us that The Stack and The Rose-Lipt Maiden were both fan favourites. To start, we opted for the latter, intrigued by the fact that the description said that it came in an apple smoked dome.

Watching the cocktail being made is a spectacle in itself, and I was already happy with my choice. Once the theatrics were over, I was even more impressed by how delicious the drink was.

The bar was fairly busy, and traffic only picked up the longer we stayed there. As we hadn’t been familiar with the place prior, we inquired of the bartender how long they had been there, and he informed us that The Stack had opened in July 2015 but shortly after was destroyed by a fire. It relaunched in 2016, and as been a delightful oasis in the middle of Gardens since then.

Overall, we had a lovely time there before heading off to our next destination, and I cannot wait to return!

All photos by the wonderfully talented Stephen Phillipson. You can see more of his work and films at or follow him on Instagram @tonythevelociraptor

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