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A Night at Leipzig Country House


About a month or so ago, I reached (what I thought was) the peak of my mid-year slump and decided to get out of the city to relax and recharge. I was scrolling through my Facebook feed and happened across an ad for Leipzig Country House & Winery’s winter special and instantly knew that this was my sign –  the place I would go to for my break. Excitedly, I knew Caryn had taken already taken leave and needed to get away, and so I immediately asked her to join. She was keen, and so we booked a room and were ready to go.

Leipzig Country House is located in the Nuy Valley, just past Worcester, and is only a short 90 minute drive from Cape Town (allegedly – it may be that short if you have a passenger who trusts that you know where you’re going and a driver that actually does know where they’re going). Nevertheless, we eventually made it to our destination and were warmly greeted and checked in by reception. After getting antiquated with our room, we decided to head over for a wine tasting, we were informed it would be closing soon.

The winery is a small area on the premises, just across from our accommodation (it is however, a separate entity from the accommodation and therefore any purchases you make cannot be added to your room). We were seated near a huge window, that had a magnificent view of the estate and the beautiful day outside (we were told that just the day before you could see the snow capped mountains from the room). The tasting was delicious and informative, and we were treated to some amazing white and red blends.

After our tasting we decided to take a walk though the grounds, starting with the tortoise garden on the property, with its various sections for the moms, dads and babies. There’s also a pool to relax by (which looked so tempting, if it wasn’t for the freezing cold weather) as well as a chapel and conference facility. The grounds are breathtaking, with a simple, peaceful charm that allows you to breathe in the quiet farm life and breathe out all the stress of the city.

Dinner that evening was a three course meal near the fireplace in the 1893 wine cellar. The food was amazing, in fact my only complaint was that I couldn’t finish my dessert as it was too sweet and I was far too full. After dinner, we stayed to have a drink by the fire – the bar works on an honour system – you serve yourself and write down whatever you’ve enjoyed that evening, which then gets added to your room the next day – before retiring to our room.

We woke up the next day and made our way to the breakfast room, which had a continental breakfast set up, followed by a delicious English breakfast. Full and ready to tackle the drive home, we made our way past the graduation taking place, checked out and made our way back to Cape Town. (But not, of course, without first making a stop at a farm-stall for supplies – my favourite part of being on the road.)

All-in-all I had a wonderful time, everyone was warm and friendly, and it was exactly the break I needed at the time (the lack of cellphone reception helps to cut yourself off from life). I’ll likely be back, most likely to attend one of their wine sleepover events! You can find out more information about Leipzig Country House on their website: www.leipzigcountryhouse.co.za

Have any getaway recommendations for me? Any other wine experiences I should try? Please me know in the comments below section!

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