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Review: 3D Fiber Lashes

As part of my very recent foray in beauty blogging, I was sent the new and exciting (to me, at least) 3D Fiber Lashes (which you can purchase for R340 online at to test and review.

In the box there are 2 tubes – one is the transplanting gel, the other is the actual fibers. The process itself is fairly time-consuming – you have to put on the transplanting gel as you would a mascara (in fact, you could even use it on it’s own like that it you choose), then apply a layer of the fibers over, and then finish with another layer of the gel to seal it in. It’s very important that you follow all the instructions correctly, but the payoff is amazing if you do.

I could instantly see a difference for just one application. Below is a before and after photo taken. It instantly increases the length and volume of your eyelashes and you can add as many layers as you want depending on your look.
My only concern is that I generally don’t wear mascara, and the process seems slightly longer then just me putting on false eyelashes, which would give the same effect. However, the 3D Fiber Lashes have the advantage here in that you can use it for the look you want, unlike false eyelashes, which usually are only dramatic, or just lengthening etc. My other concern is that is could get quite messy with the fibers, but it’s a minor concern and worth the trouble, in my opinion.

Overall, I found the product to do exactly what it promised, which is rare these days, and I will definitely be using this in future. Below is a video review, in which you can see the process and outcome – please give it a watch and let me know what you think!

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